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A meditation poem

A friend introduced me to a poem that I think is wonderful for a meditator to read/hear – and a very good addition to a meditation blog.  :)  The poem is titled “A Place to Sit”, and was written by Kabir (an Indian tradesman who was also quite a contemplative fellow, who lived in the 1400s).  As Kabir didn’t write in English, the below version of the poem has been translated by Robert Bly (an American poet who is still alive today).

As poetry is intended to be shared aloud (versus read silently), I invite you to audibly read the text below; I find the words take on deeper meaning when I speak them versus see them.

And now, the poem.


A Place to Sit

Don’t go outside your house to see flowers.
My friend, don’t bother with that excursion.
Inside your body there are flowers.
One flower has a thousand petals.
That will do for a place to sit.
Sitting there you will have a glimpse of beauty
inside the body and out of it,
before gardens and after gardens.

~Kabir (translated by Robert Bly)


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